Beit Hillel - Attentive spiritual leadership

MATAN HaSharon - Matan HaSharon, The Mindy Greenberg Institute for Women's Torah Study.

Raanana Municipality


Kinor David is the orthodox shul for the unorthodox. Firmly grounded in halacha, the shul's objectives are to make prayer more inspiring, to include everyone without restriction and to advance Jewish expression and respect for women.


Located in the center of Israel, Kinor David adopts a unique centrist approach combining the Zionist Modern Othodoxy of Rav Joseph Dov Soloveitchik, the Torah of Rav Abraham Kook, the outreach and singing in a chassidic spirit, as well as a flexible mix of Ashkenazi and Sefaradi traditions.


If you are looking for a way to express yourself Jewishly – by attending services on Sabbaths and festivals, by participating in classes and programs throughout the year, or by marking a life event (e.g., Simchat Bat/Brit Mila, Bat/Bar-Mitzvah, wedding, funeral) – look no further.


Email us at or join us – Friday evenings at sundown or Saturday mornings (8-11) – in Raanana, at Beit HaNo'ar, Ahuza 157, at the corner of HaSharon Street.


We try to greet everyone at the door but, if that doesn't happen for any reason, please introduce yourself to the Rabanit/Rav, Gabai or any other member of our community. Don't be shy – we don't want to miss you!



© 2016 Congregation Kinor David Raanana 

Join us for Shabbat services at Beit HaNo'ar:

Ahuza 157 (at HaSharon Street), Raanana, Israel 4330101 

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