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Kinor David during the Corona crisis

Shalom to all of the Kinor David family,

With a heavy heart, after examining all sides of the issue, we decided not to hold any public t'filah at Kinor David until things get better. Although the Ministry of Health currently allows a limited minyan of ten people, we, like many others, believe that this is not the right thing to do at this time.

We worship Hashem and do good by being strict and careful regarding pikuach nefesh.

We worship Hashem and do good by deepening our mutual responsibility towards one another and the relationships among the members of the kehilah through technological means, without physically meeting each other.

We are already planning some actions to implement these intentions, and we will begin announcing them right after this message.

And again, if anyone needs anything – please let us know.

We all pray for overcoming the Corona virus, in Israel and worldwide, at the maximum possible speed, and at the minimum possible cost.

B'ezrat Hashem together we shall overcome!

Oshra and Tzvi, together with the board of the kehilah

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