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Zoom Meeting to prepare for shabbat, Shabbat prayers with shared spiritual energy and Havdalah on Zo

Let us receive the Shabbat

Kehilat Kinor David – Prayer and preparation for Shabbat on Zoom.

Erev Shabbat Parashat Vayakheil-Pikudei, Parashat Hachodesh 5780

Although we cannot pray together in public at the moment,

We can pray together as a public,

And this is loved before hashem!


It is important to emphasize that we do not receive the Shabbat with this prayer - we are still with our electronic devices - but we are spiritually preparing to receive Shabbat Hamalca.

When the custom of Kabbalat Shabbat began, they said it before the Sabbath, and received the Shabbat before it arrived. So this time we will get a little closer to that direction, but we will not accept the Shabbat with this prayer.

In halakhic terms, if one prays Kabbalat Shabbat before Shabbat, you receive the Shabbat by saying "Mizmor Shir L’yom hashabbat." Therefore, we will conclude our prayer at the end of my Lecha Dodi" and say goodbye in honor of Shabbat Kodesh.

How will this work

  1. You should daven mincha before we meet on Zoom

  2. I recommend to come wearing Shabbat clothes

  3. At 16:15 we will meet on Zoom

Dial in numbers :

+972 55 330 1762

+972 3 978 6688

Meeting ID: 709 122 389

After greeting each other “Erev Shabbat shalom” to each and every one, we will begin with “Yedid Nefesh” and will davenKabbalat Shabbat together.

  1. We will complete our Zoom meeting, no later than 17:15, in order to complete last preparations for Shabbat.

  2. Candlelighting is at 17:32

Please do not light candles before our Zoom meeting, only after we turn off the electronic devices and take leave of each other in honor of Shabbat. Before the meeting will be too early to light candles. It is especially important for us to distinguish between preparing for the Sabbath and receiving the Sabbath in a halakhic sense. True, you can light candles early, and to plan not yet to receive the shabbat; But in order not to create a confusing situation, I ask that we light candles after the Zoom meeting is over.

  1. Arvit – After 18:12, everyone should pray in their own homes, with our shared spiritual energy, along with all the worshipers in various homes throughout Israel.

Shabbat prayers as a community and Havdalah in “Zoom”

Even on Shabbat itself, without electronic devices, we can pray together as a community, at the same time.

On shabbat morning everyone is invited to join with the spiritual energies of our Shabbat prayers, everyone in their own home between .

Shema to be said till 8:45

Please note - you received half an hour of extra sleep 😉

17:10 – Mincha, everyone at their home, with communal energies. Seuda Shlisit.

18:29 – Shabbat is over, tfilat arvit

At the end of Shabbat, one should say “Birkat hamavdil” before returning to do actions that are forbidden on Shabbat

At 18:45 we will meet again on Zoom, we will wish each other Shavua Tov and do Havdalah.

Please note – You do not fulfill your obligation to say havdalah over Zoom [the smell of the Besamim does not pass over the internet 😁, nor the rest].

So everyone should say Havdalah before or after we meet on Zoom,

God willing and together we will overcome!

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