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Registration for Rosh HaShana at Kinor David

September 2020

Ellul 5780

Registration for Rosh HaShana at Kinor David

Dear Members of Kinor David,

Now it is time to register for the High Holidays services, in order for us to fully organize and guarantee seats for you and your family.

The Board of the Community closely coordinates the operations with the municipal services:

  • we have inspected Beit HaNoar and Rimon school with the Security Officer of Ra’anana

  • we have worked out a detailed plan for organizing different services, one indoors at Rimon and one outdoors at Beit HaNoar, fully compliant with current instructions of the authorities

  • we will shorten the Tefila according to the special guidelines for the Corona period established by the Rabbinate.

As a result, we are confident that we can accommodate the needs of all the Members of Kinor David for the High Holidays, in total observance of the Ministry of Health guidelines and the new “Traffic light” instructions.

This requires an individual registration of all the participants, and their allocation to a “capsule” with a precise seat number.

Our Community remains open and welcoming to everyone and as usual we will do our best to be flexible. But this time, due to the exceptional circumstances, we unfortunately, cannot commit to having a seat for those who do not register in advance.

Now it is your turn to act. And it is as easy as 1, 2,3!

1. Make sure you are registered as a Member of Kinor David and paid your membership for 5781. If not, follow this link

2. Please indicate the Tefila you prefer for your family on Rosh HaShana. We need one form for all the members of a “core family” who will seat together:

3. Make sure that all your relatives and friends who appreciate Kinor David also register.

Please explain them that, this year, people cannot simply improvise and join our Tefila. Adding people to a “capsule” is not only dangerous, it is forbidden. We need to organize in advance with complicated logistics and significant costs for welcoming everybody, and we are glad to do it, so please help us by registering in advance.

We are confident that, with your active participation, we will be able to have meaningful and effective Tefilot, so much needed to conclude a challenging year and start the New Year in the best way.

The Board of Kinor David

P.S.: Registration for Yom Kippur will be open in a few days. Stay tuned!

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